Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday in the sun

Good morning. Well the blog is not playing ball and i have been advised that the programme i do my blog in is rather old and its best to start a new one......gasp. So for  the rest of my holiday i will get by the best i can.

We have had a smashing time so far, spent most of it by the pool due to the heat and have relaxed best that i can. Visitors coming and going all the time and out eating wonderful food.  Today paul and i are hoping to get to the beach for a few hours.

The stamperettes order has been placed and that should be waiting for me when i get back. The pen club order went through and i hope all the ladies can join me on Wednesday 13th July at 7pm for a couple of hours to play with the pens. Then on Friday 15th July it is Christmas Card and chatter club.

Here is a card i made some time ago and the photo has sat here on my blog for a while.

Thanks for having a read and i hope you have a lovely monday x

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