Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thank You's

Good morning and not so early today, I lasted until 5am.   Mind you I was in bed just before 9pm.

The greenhouse was looking very busy when we got back but Paul and I set too yesterday (after the unpacking) and got it sorted.  The tomatoes are very green but lots of them, I shall be having strawberries this morning and the potatoes got dug up Wow, I am amazed.  Now I need to start off another sack of potatoes.  The cucumber has just taken over the greenhouse, not too sure what to do with it but it certainly is fun growing it.

I also managed to get in the craft room, did I really leave it in such a mess?  I will be cleaning it later today and setting it up for tomorrow nights first pen club get together.  6 ladies are buying the whole set of pens, including the in colours too over the next 6 months.  Every other month we are having a get together on different ways to use the pens, I am really looking forward to it.

So I managed to get hold of the SU boxes of goodies, phew.  I shall be sorting them out today and these will be ready for collection when you are.  If you  have something you would like to pick up, please do let me know when is best for you.  The thank you cards this month are a bit of a mixture.



I have this brand new stamp set for sale at the cost of £10 including p+p or £8 if collected.
 If anyone would like to purchase this, please let me know.

Here are the cards I made with my set

Thank you for having a read, I hope you have a lovely day x

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