Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome August

Good afternoon and can you believe it, we are already in August.

As we have already had our Summer holiday (phew it was hot), I am so looking forward to a Summer at home with the garden, the greenhouse and lots of projects to get started and finish off.

Of course, all this will depend on my condition but we shall give it the best we have.  So today I get up with funny feet (what do you mean they have always been funny)?  They wouldnt hold me up today and then when I did get going, they decided to stop whilst the rest of me thought we were going, oopps, a little balance issue or two.  Left arm, left shoulder and right hand not so good so Paul decided that I need to see the doc as I cant really keep going to work for a couple of days and then be off for a week.  If this is a flare up, how long does it last etc. etc.  So off to the doc we went (it took 42 tries on the phone to get through).  He signed me off for a month, gave me some extra strong anti inflamatorys and some tummy tablets to settle the tum as the other tablets, will upset it...

So day 1 of 28 at being at home and I have managed to potter in the kitchen and put the washer on.  Not a bad start I guess.

I used the curvey keepsake box to create Mickey and Minnie which I had seen on another blog

I thought they were rather cute.  Once my fingers allow, I shall attempt a couple of more difficult ones that I have been asked to do.  I think that this is the most used crafting item I have ever owned. 

Thanks for having a read today and, if I am able, another post in a day or two.  Have a wonderful day x

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