Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Feeling

Good morning  All the windows and doors are open and it feels fresh and summery.

I have been sorting out all my Stampin' Up! 12x12 papers and if you want to grab a bargain or two, please pop round.  I have them laid on on the craft tables, ready to sell.  This is just about all the crafting related projects I have been able to do this week.

We went to the hospital on Wednesday and I had an injection whilst I was there to help ease some of the current painful symptoms I have.  I am also starting the new medication on Monday and the prognosis is, that if I can tolerate this new medication, within 8 weeks I should be able to get back to some kind of normality.  This has cheered me up no end. I will have to have blood tests every 2 weeks and I will have to be closely monitored for a while but just to think that I wont wake up with these pains and be able to do things that I took for granted will be wonderful, so, fingers crossed.

The joiner came and put up a new door on Monday, he cleaned up all his mess, was extremely polite and respectful and he is happy for me to give out his phone number for any carpentry/joiner work that you may need doing in the derby area.  It is Neil Lowe and you can reach him on 07967018192. I really cant recommend this chappie enough and we will be having him back to do some more work for us.

The shower man came too and he changed the lever on the shower, for exactly the same one??? Lets see what they say about it.  Paul's arm is a lot better now, thank goodness.

I have managed to do lots of pottering, tidied up the greenhouse and other little bits over the week but it has all made me extremely tired, oops.    Last night Paul and I reminded ourselves how to play is addictive.

I saw a pack of wonderful 12 x 12 papers whilst I was sorting mine out and I couldnt believe that I haven't made any cards with them yet,  as they are smashing.  So I sat for a while and made one or two,

This is the first, it does have a lot of glitter but you cant really tell.  I hope to finish off a few more as and when I can.

Well, its time to feed the dog, we are on dog sitting duties for another couple of days and then we hand her back.  Thanks for having a read and if you fancy a bacon buttie and cuppa tomorrow, Paul is taking me down to the Sinfin Nature reserve around 10am.  Have a lovely day, Tracey x

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Buffy said...

That is a gorgeous card.
Buffy xx