Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Good morning and what a fresh morning it is out there.  I already have a line full of washing and another load in the washer.  I do hope it doesnt rain.

So I took my first lot of 6 tiny tablets on Monday and boy, how poorly was I.  Although the little blighters are really little, I struggled to swallow them, they seem to stick in my throat so the last few were taken with milk, followed by a bag of crisps.  I was fine until around tea time and then I went downhill very fast.  Yesterday was an off day and Paul stayed with me in the afternoon.  Headache, nausea, mood swings and very tearful, I guess I have to wipe Tuesdays off for a while. Paul cooked me bangers and mash with onion gravy to make me feel better, bless him.

I got up today with a headache, which I have taken a pain killer for and usual pains in hands/fingers.  I can still get out of bed unaided and I can still potter so, all is well. It could be a lot worse so I shall soldier on.  I know a lot of people who take this medication are extremely ill so I shall feel lucky if these are the only symptoms I get....until next Monday when I do it all over again.

Last night, for some fresh air, Paul and I marked out the front for our new lawn, which is due to be laid next Monday.  It is rather exciting.

Another couple of cards that I made with pretty papers.  No sentiments as yet as I dont know what they shall be used for.  I will put the sentiments on when I need them.

If all goes to plan, I shall be in the craft room this afternoon if you fancy calling in.  I am sure I can make a cuppa and if you fancy a bit of a craft, bring your things with you. 

Today is the last day you can order the Thoughtful Branches Bundle.

If you would like this set please, do get in touch before 3pm as that is when I shall be sending in a little order and, if you have any bonus days vouchers to redeem let me have the codes to deduct £4.50 off your order.

Off for a little potter, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful Wednesday x

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