Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wild about Flowers Wednesday

Good morning.  The weather forecast yesterday was wrong as we had rain.  Today it is supposed to be 18 degrees with passing rain showers in the afternoon so any work outside needs to be done this morning.  I think I just have the moss to sweep up.

Todays ailments are a very poorly left hand still, left knee and both feet still so, a little better than yesterday.  Yesterday was lovely with lots of visitors, thank you ladies it was great to see you all.  Oh my pedometer stopped at 777 steps yesterday and I didn't notice.  I have it on again today so we shall see what happens, especially as I have to go to the post office for a stroll this morning.

The  new bed arrived and goodness, it is so high.  I need a little step to get up on to it.  Not a brilliant night's sleep as it isnt springy.  A lot firmer than what I am used to but I will get on with it.  I dont have to pull myself out of bed anymore, it is just a little slide off the bed and then pray my feet hold me up *giggles*.  I shall be making sure that Paul is by my side for the next few days to help me off, just in case, bless him.  I dont know what I would do without him.

I hope to get in the craft room later this afternoon so if anyone wants a bit of a craft, you are most welcome around 3ish for a couple of hours.  You will probably end up making your own cuppa but I am sure you dont mind that.

Here are a couple of cards that we made at a Stampin' Up! party some time ago.  The lovely lacy ribbon is from SU and the main colour is crumb cake with very vanilla.  The stamps are wild about flowers with a bit of pink for the flower heads.

I have the boiler man popping in after lunch today at the boiler needs its service.  I cant believe that we have had the new boiler for 18 months already, time certainly does fly.

If anyone is off to the range this week and has a spare seat in the car, can you remember me please.  I need a few bits and as I am still not driving, it is a bit tricky to get there.

Off to see if I can get the house sorted and walk a few steps, I swear someone had a party in each room whilst I was sleeping.  How does it get so untidy?  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful Wednesday Tracey x


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