Thursday, August 18, 2016

Planter card

Good morning.  Another warm Thursday but showers have been forecast for today, which is okay as it will mean that we dont have to water the gardens tonight.

Surprise surprise, this morning I was able to get out of bed and walk down the hall, unaided.  That is the first time since returning from Cyprus that I haven't needed help to get out of bed and walk for a few minutes.  Amazing.  It felt so good.  I did however get up with very swollen hands, that painful left knee and achy feet.  Today I have pains in both shoulders but that is no surprise as at goodness knows what time this morning I had to pull myself up very quickly off the pillow.  Something was crawling all over my face, at first I thought it was a dream but it wasn't!  If you heard me scream *giggle* you would think I was being murdered.  I feel so sorry for Paul who put the light on and helped me get off the bed before discovering a money spider.  I dont care how big it was it was still a spider.

Some time ago I saw a card on Pinterest and I just had to make it,  it took some time working it all out but I got there in the end.

It is supposed to look like a planter with flowers in it.  I enjoyed making it and got lots of help with the punching out of the flowers, thank you ladies.  I haven't added the butterfly or sentiment yet as I may want to make it a bit more personal for someone special.

I am off to get blood tests today.  I have to wait for Paul to finish work to take me as I am still not driving.  Just when I get my legs working my hands decide to play up.  The dizziness comes and goes but I am just getting on with whatever I can in the house during the course of the day when I am not dizzy.  I am not getting very far but that doesn't matter. Today I shall try and put a few papers away as we are getting piles.  I have a tendancy to put things in piles and then when I want something, I have to search through the piles, not so good. 

Thanks for popping in today, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday whatever you are up to and, if you fancy a cuppa and natter, give me a call and pop over.  It will be lovely to see you x

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