Monday, August 22, 2016

Mondays Post

Good morning, mr weather man says 18 degrees, showers around 9am and then just a cloudy day.  I guess I can get the whites washed then.

I cheated, last night I was so achy and so tired, I took a tablet before bed and wow.  I slept from 10pm right through till 7.30am, I turned in my sleep, I moved pillows and I could put the sheet and quilt on/off as I needed.  These are things I haven't been able to do for weeks.  This meant that I woke up with niggles this morning rather than pain.  I have had my usual tablet after breakfast but I do feel so much more human today, whoop whoop.

The joiner is coming this morning to sort out the bathroom door, that will make it posh and finished when painted. 

We have myra, the shower people coming this afternoon.

Paul got this injury a week or so ago and he wrote to them to see if they have had similar incidents and if they have modified the shower levers to make them with a rounded edge rather than a sharp one.  They want to come and take the levers away but I wonder what they will replace them with?

Phase 1 of the front garden has started. 

We are removing the slate from the front as we would like to use this around the side of the house, outside Pauls Studio, once he has finished it.  We looked at purchasing some new slate but at £180 a bag (I think it was for a tonne) we decided against it.  Well instead of the gardening chappies taking it all away, we have a week to bag it all up and put it to one side for a few months.

The borders are tidy although they do need a bit of a hoe again.

No cards today although I am in craft room sorted out lots of bits and bobs.  I may be able to make one or two later today, when fingers are in full working order.  Thanks for having a read and have a great Monday x

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