Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cards for the chaps

Good morning on this sunny day. Forecast is for 24 degrees, sunny with clouds so that will do me. 

Today we have a problem with that left knee and feet, still.  a few fingers are very puffy but I can cope with that.  The biggest problem that I have now is the dizziness.  Yesterday was a right off, I sat in the sitting room chair all day with a blanket.  Everytime I moved the room span round, I was feeling sick all day and had the worst of headaches.  Today the dizziness comes and goes so I am up and about and trying to do a few bits, not dwelling on this.

Katerina has had one of her exam results overturned?  It seems that her fail mark was just a fail and so she has appealed and asked for it to be re-examined.  So an independent has been and remarked her exam and she has scrapped through with a pass WHOOP WHOOP.  That means that she has passed 9 out of the 10 exams and just has to resit the one in October.  She will spend the who of September reading for it. 

When Pam took me out a couple of weeks ago I managed to pick up a bargain of a stamp set, one I had been after for a while and I have sat and made these cards.

Lots of chappie birthdays coming up so these will do a treat.  When I am up to it, I shall make more for my selling boxes.

Have you thought about signing up to Stampin' Up!  If you would like some more information about this please, do get in touch and I would love to have you as part of my team.

Off for a little potter and a cuppa.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Wednesday x

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Lesley said...

lovely set of birthday cards . . . . Lesley x