Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunny Sunday Breakfast

Good afternoon.  A late post today on the blog as we have had a busy morning.  We were up twice last night, once for an alarm that was going off for ages, dont know where it was coming from but it kept stopping and starting.  Then I woke up very early with some pain and got up again.  So Paul treated me first thing to breakfast outside in the sunshine, I froze *giggling*.  Everytime I tried to put sugar on my cereal the wind blew it away, I was covered in the stuff, but we laughed.
 Then it was a quick trip out to see my sister and I drove whoop whoop.  It wasnt easy but I could turn the ignition key and my legs worked fine, so we were safe.  Came home and finished off lunch and then we have had lots of visitors all afternoon, its has been lovely.

Yesterday Kirsty and Alison came for a visit and then they had a crafting session, this is what they made.

Arent they adorable.  They have been made using the curvy keepsake die and if you haven't got one of these yet why?  Well worth every penny.

It is feet up tonight as I don't want to overdo things.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful Sunday evening x

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