Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Good morning. 18 degrees is the forecast for Derby today, whoop whoop.  I may have to water some plants in the afternoon if it does get a little hot.

Today as well as right shoulder, which is a lot easier, left arm is a niggle,  both feet are still sore and now we have a painful right knee and a very swollen left hand sigh.....lets see what we can do today.

It was a friends birthday over the weekend and here is the card that was made for her.

Lots of sparkle on it, I am not sure if you can see it?

They say that everyone should aim to walk at least 10,000 yes ten thousand steps a day.  Well I thought that I did lots and was well within the 10,000 but how wrong am I.  I have been wearing my pedometer for a couple of days and I am really going to have to work hard at reaching that figure.  Saturday I managed 2894 steps, Sunday was slightly better at 3584 steps and Monday just 100 extra at 3684.  Lets hope I can get a few more in today.

We have a new bed arriving this afternoon, whoop whoop.  Getting rid of the old one is still a bit of a problem though.  We can give the base to a charity, who are collecting it on Saturday but the mattress has to go to the tip.  It wont fit in my car and so I shall have to ring round to find a man with a van.

Friday is Christmas Card and Chatter Club for all those ladies that like to attend.  I believe a few new faces are hoping to be there too.

Enough typing for one day, I have to look after those fingers.  Thank you for nipping in for a read and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday, whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

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