Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aunty's Birthday

Good morning. The forecast is for a breezy day today so if you are going out, hold on to your hats.  I have woken up with a very painful right knee, a swollen left ankle, a right hand that looks like I am wearing gloves so I dont think I will be doing too much.  Breakfast had and tablets taken so a little potter in in order.

Not such a productive day yesterday but that's okay.  I managed to do a lot of pottering and sitting.  A bit more of a potter etc. etc.  While it was damp it was still very warm so a few windows were open.  When Paul came home we did a little weeding on the front, okay so Paul weeded and I emptied the bucket lol.  We had 100's and 100's of flying ants, did you?

Today it is Aunty Moyna's birthday and this is the card that I have sent to her.  I posted it Sunday so I hope it has arrived by now.

 A lady is coming to put up the new blinds in the bathroom, (the blind lady as Paul calls her).  Soon we shall have a new door and then all that will need to be done in the bathroom is to paint the woodwork.  I still need some decorations and new scales as well as a floor standing towel rail but I will purchase them up when I see them.  In fact I do have some sheep in wellingtons that I would like to add but they are all packed away in a box in the loft.

You never know, I may be able to get into the craft room to do some cleaning this afternoon if I am up to.  I have the ironing board up in the conservatory and it is staying there for a while.  Every now and then I try to iron a few things, until the ironing basket is empty. 

Thank you for having a read today and, if you fancy a cuppa, you know where I am.  If you dont know where I am, please get in touch and I will give you the address.  If you want to come and have a look at the Grateful Branches stamp set over a cuppa, I have the set out on the desk.  Have a lovely day x

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Lesley said...

lovely card hope you feel better soon - Lesley x