Monday, August 8, 2016

Magical Monday

Good morning and its a bit cloudy today.  Still going to be a warm 16 degrees so that is fine.  Not such a fine one for me.  My right shoulder, my left arm and both feet are playing up today.  As we havent had a lot of sleep I may find myself dozing in front of the TV a little later today, never mind.

We had another smashing day yesterday, lots of visitors and lots of catching up done.  The gate and the bench got a coat of protective oil to last the Winter and the plants got pruned, moved and watered, again.  We just have to continue plodding away at the front and hopefully, but the end of this week, it will be done...did I say that last week?

Saturday was a bit of a surprise as in between all my lovely visitors, Pam asked if I fancied a trip out to a craft shop with her and Lesley.  Oh it was bliss.  It was wonderful to get out the house, look at some different crafty goodies, grab a few bargains and then we went for a cuppa afterwards.  It did me the world of good to change the four walls.   If anyone else plans to go anywhere and there is room in the car for one more, please give me a call and if I am able, I would love to go.

All SU orders have arrived with the exception of the fantastic bundles, they are due on Wednesday or Thursday I am told.  The pens are all sorted and email have been sent.  Some pretty packaging that I did
It took a long time to do these, in between lots of rests, only 5 as someone was impatient *giggle*.

Today it is just an easy day but, if you are in the area and fancy a cuppa (you may end up making it), you are most welcome to pop in.  Not sure where I am, get in touch and I will give you my address.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a magical Monday, whatever you are up to.  Tracey x

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