Sunday, August 21, 2016

Light House

Sunday and looking forward to another lovely day.  Up early but then we had a woofing alarm clock.  She woofed as the folks came out of the pub and walked down the street, she woofed at Paul's snore, she woofed as the crows flew over making a noise and she woofed as the birds sang....oh well.  Yes Pippa arrived and she is with us for the week so, if you plan on visiting this week, can I ask you to come to the front door.  The side gate has mesh against it (pippa gate we call it), the back gate is locked so the front door will let me put Pippa safe before opening it up.

Normal aches and pains today and tablets taken so just waiting for them to kick in.  We even have a line full of washing out already.

I received a wonderful present for the garden from Christiana.  The postman came yesterday with a parcel for her, I rang and told her something had arrived and she had ordered it, from amazon, to be delivered here, to cheer me up.

It lights up at night and goes round, its great.  It cheered me up so thank you very much.
UPDATED - I tried to add a video but it didnt work.

We are painting the fence panels to get them ready for Winter, these are the new ones that we have had put up outside Pauls garage and the craft room.  I think the panels around the garden may last another Winter and then we will have new ones next year although once the garden is done, we may end up with replacing them this year.

Have you seen all the wonderful creations made using the thoughtful branches set from Stampin' Up!  there are lots of them on Pintrest and only 10 days left to get your set, before the date ends or the sets go out of stock.  If you would like to see some examples and have a cuppa at the same time, please get in touch.

I have made the decision to sell off a lot of crafting items including papers, stamps and other bits and pieces.  If you would like to grab a bargain or two, please pop in over the next week, to see what there is.

Off to see what Pippa is barking at now, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day.

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