Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Bank Holiday Monday

Good morning, and what a lovely day it is out there, even if it has rained.  No plans today so we shall just take it as it comes.

Aches and pains.....well I am walking unaided in the morning which is good.  My fingers take about an hour or so to get working and I cant take a tablet after breakfast to ease the pain today.  As I am starting the new medication, I cant have my pain relief.  I have been told to drink lots of water to help with any headaches I may get so it is a glass an hour.

On Saturday Paul took me to the Sinfin Nature Reserve for a cuppa and a bacon buttie.  Really, it is the best way to start the weekend.  We then did a few chores at home and had Rob, Nat and the girls round.  We are all planning a holiday together next year.....very exciting.

Yesterday it was a potter day, catching up with chores and then I met a new friend, Anna, who spent a couple of hours with me.  She cant wait to meet everyone else.

I am on Street Life, an internet site where you can help your neighbours and they can help you.  I have found it to be really good.  Last week we were after a 1 tonne builders bag, to put the stones in and store and after a day or two, I got 2 offers of bags.  So I got some tomatoes from the greenhouse as a thank you for the bag.  I have now asked for a cribbage score board.....Paul and I are loving playing cribbage but the digital scoreboard is not very good.  Fingers crossed that I can get one.

Pippa went home but she had a great time with us.

All the stones have just about gone from the front and this time next week, chappies will come to start digging up the crazy paving.

We thought we had discovered a man hole cover buried underneath the stones but fortunately, it is just a great big slab of concrete and patio slab.


Here are a couple of tags that I had a play with yesterday afternoon.  The red and white edged ribbon is available in the new winter brochure which starts later this week.

 If you would like a copy of the new book please, do let me know.

Right, off to potter best I can, thanks for having a read and have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday x

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