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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mum birthday cards

Good morning and I hope you have had a good few days.  I had an amazing time in Telford at the weekend and met up with so many friends that I only see once every 6 months.  The company was smashing and we had what is now becoming a regular treat, lunch in John Lewis at Central Station Birmingham.

Of course when I got home Saturday night the kitchen work has really come on so Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was clean, clean, clean and I am happy to say that things are really working out in there.  Now we just have to put the rest of the house together.

I have so many things, so much news and photos to share that I dont know where to begin.  Do you remember this, The Craft Room all set up for my neices little ones to come to make cards.

Here are the cards that Ollie and Charleigh made for their mum and we had a lovely half hour.

We are off to the docs this morning as Christiana is not the best, that is as soon as my shoulders get working.

It is Christmas Cards and Chatter night on Friday night so if you fancy an evening of crafting with like minded folk, please do join us.  It is from 6ish - 9.30ish in Alvaston, Derby and if you would like directions to the venue, just get in touch.

Well thank you for having a read, lots more news to share tomorrow.  Wishing you a lovely day.  Tracey x

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