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Friday, July 7, 2017

6 month Pen Club

Good morning and another warm one.  Yesterday evening really was TOO hot.  We had 31.9 in our garden and not a lot cooler inside.  Woke up to 23 degrees today but no breeze and just where is the rain and the T storms.  Yes that is right, T storms *laughing*  Mr. Weather man said at 6pm last night T storms would arrive but they didnt.  We ran out of time to water the lawn and plants yesterday so this afternoon they will get a good old soak, if it doesnt rain.

I saw my GP and the works doc yesterday.  Things are progressing slowly but there is some slight improvements.  I think the Steroid injection has help though.  It seems that now that I have been off work for about a year, my employers dont have to have me back.  My Team Leader has always told me that as soon as I am able, I can go back so its rather confusing.  Can I physically go back and work?  I think I would like the opportunity to try.

I have updated the crafty get togethers in Alvaston, Derby which wouldnt go ahead if it wasnt for all the help that is offered, so thank you ladies.  Just look at the bottom right hand side of the blog page and you can see what is happening and when.

I finally managed to get all the things I took out of the craft room back in, with the help of hubby of course.  This does mean that I have far too much in my crafting space as I shouldn't have to clear the units and tables each time I want to display things so, another ruthless clear out is needed.  I still don't know why I hoard keep things, just in case but there is comfort knowing that I am not the only one.  Now I just have to tidy up in there over the weekend.


There are only 2 spaces left on the pen club, pen share.  For £20 a month, for 6 months you will get ALL SU stamp n write markets plus, 2016 - 2018 markers plus, 2017 - 2019 markers plus the carry case to store them all in plus, 3 classes on using your markers and if that wasnt enough, you will be a hostess for one of the six months and get £15 to spend on any current Stampin' Up! goodies.  If you would like more information, please get in touch.  The first 2 people to say they wish to join this will take the last places, sorry.

Nothing from Christiana to share with you today.  She needs to go and get supplies but as it is too hot, it isn't comfortable for her to do this plus, she is waiting for folk to pick her up to go to the shops.  Fingers crossed she manages to get some bits soon.

Well, I guess I need to go and try and potter for a while.   Thanks for having a read.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend Tracey x

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