Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to me

Good morning and a damp start to the day.  The roofing man has more or less cleaned all the moss of the roof and is due back later this morning to finish off.  I dont think he will go on the roof in this weather but there is a bit of cleaning up and removal of stuff around the house that he said he will do.
I cant believe that it is 10 years ago today that I wrote my first blog post.  Congratulations to me.

Here, *putting on a brave face* is one of my very first cards which was made is 2004

Then in 2005 I discovered little flowers and little shopping bags that cost a fortune but I made this type of card as often as I could.  The flowers were on sticky ribbons and it took me ages to cut them all off

In 2006 I was the peel off queen.

In 2007 I made these shoe cards by the dozen, for everyone for every occasion.  I still have the pattern today.

I thought this was wonderful and it was all before I got into rubber stamping.

In 2008 I discovered Stampin' Up! and I have met so many wonderful people, life long friends and friends that sadly I dont hear from too often these days.  However Stampin' Up! is still going strong and the company just grows each year.

Here are just a few cards that have been made from the Daisy collection.  The thing that drew me to Stampin' Up! in the first place was that all the colours co-ordinate, the inks and ribbons all match, the punches and dies fit with so many other Stampin' Up! ranges etc. etc.  On top of all that is that you can demonstrate to others, if you want to or be a hobby crafter if you dont want to.  You can work the hours you want, you can travel if you want to and you can share your addiction when you want with who you want.  There are so many more benefits that you can tailor to you personally.  For me it is to get crafty goodies at a reduced price as well as meet lots and lots of new friends and I have certainly done that over the years.  Other demonstrators want to work around childrens school hours or hubbys work hours.  Stampin' Up! can accommodate all that and if you dont try it, you wont know if it works for you.

Thank you so much for reading the blog today, I dont know how many of you can can say that you have shared the 10 year journey but there are a few.  Lets see where the next 10 years take us.   Tracey x

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