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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Love Today Planner

Morning and who was up with the larks today?  The air was still, no breeze, nothing, not a complaint though as it was quite cool outside.

Can you believe that I still havent got the craft room put back in order *laughing*  you may ask "what am I messing around at" but the hours are just whizzing by.  Fingers crossed I get it done today after my visit to the doc and after my visit to the works occupational health department.  What with the hospital, doctors, nurses and occy health, I have no time to go back to work but then I guess that if I am at work I wouldnt have all these medical appointments, mmmm food for thought.

 Christiana has made another wreath

A very Summery one which I really like.

I have started to use my new planner.  It is a crafting one only so that I can keep ahead of the game, well at least I can try

If this is something you would like for yourself or a present (especially with Christmas coming up) please get in touch so that you can come and have a peek at mine.  It really is beautiful.

Thanks for having a read today.  I have to rush off to get ready to see the Doc.  Wishing you a terrific Thursday Tracey x

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