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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bright coloured things

Good morning.  I had no problem with dodging the rain yesterday as we in Derby didnt get any!  Which meant that the garden had to get watered last night tut tut.  I was expecting thunder storms, showers, the whole lot but nothing.  We had dark skies for most of the day but we were lucky.  Some parts of the country didnt fare quite so well and had a lot of damage done from the amount of rain that came down.  Hubby experienced it quite badly where he is to such an extent that the roof collapsed in the office due to the weight of the water on it, yikes.  Mr. weatherman has forecast a cooler day today with no wet stuff in the Derby area.

Christiana has made this new wreath for her front door.

What a bright and colourful one it is.

I thought I would share another one of the Christmas cards  made last week.  I thought this would be nice with a shiny eye, beak and berries so I will get glossy accented nearer the Santa Season, which wont be too far away.
Just before we went on holiday our neighbour offered us some tomato plants for the greenhouse but we had to say no as we just couldnt look after them.  Anyway the day of our return he said that he had saved us some and he gave me four plants.  They have done very well and I am now enjoying tomatoes with lunch most days.  The same neighbour was telling me about the cucumbers he has grown and how well they had done this year.  As we were away we didn't plant anything up in the greenhouse really and I explained this to him.  10 minutes later he pops his head over the fence and passed me this beauty of one.

My salads have certainly improved now, it is so sweet and juicy.  I think we have wonderful neighbours.

Well I shall go and start my day.  Thank you for having a read and I wish you a wonderful day, whatever you may be up to.  Tracey x

UPDATED - It is raining here, so much, I think I will sack Mr. Weatherman.

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