Friday, July 28, 2017


Good morning.  Up early today and keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be nice.  I would like to try and get washing done today, with a little help of course.

Yesterday was a lovely day and it went by so quickly.  I did manage to do some pottering.  Lots of crafty chat in the craft room in the afternoon and then on face time all evening with the girls.  Just catching up with no dramas.

Today I will be doing a little more pottering.

A card that was made for the boys out there.  I really do like this type of card.

The roofing man returned late yesterday and completed to front of the house.  It is just the side of the house now and he will come back on Friday morning before he actually moves house himself, ahhh.

Right then, off to have tea.  Thanks for having a read Tracey x

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