Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joy and Wonder

I am getting myself extremely organised for the future.  I know it might seem a bit sad for some but I like nothing better than being able to put my hands on something I am looking for at home.  Living out of boxes for so many months this year has made me appreciate the 'being straight' feel.

Yesterday I went to buy a present for Paul only to find that it was the wrong item, good job I didnt purchase it.  Accounts went to accountant, cards and presents went to aunty, cards went to in-laws and then these were delivered, ready for today.


This is just one of a pair, I will show you the other tomorrow.  Twins are 12 today.

Then I had a wander around Asda, off to Wilkos, the post office and stamp n deliver shop.  After this time I was shattered, hungry and thirsty so I nipped to Zan Fish and got a fish super to take home.  Once I ate tea, chattered to Christiana, had a conversation with Katerina there was a knock on the door and it was my mate and her mum.  Time to chill for an hour over coffee....phew.

Mind you, I then set too and cleaned the house from top to bottom, well from West wing to East Wing so to speak so that today I am ready to hit my crafty space this morning.  It needs a good tidy up, put away and finish off ready for the grandchildren coming round this afternoon to make cards and crackers.  Photos will follow tomorrow.

It is not only just starting to look a lot like Christmas, maybe its start to FEEL a bit like Christmas too.

As promised, here is another home made card

Thank you Sue.  Let me know when you are free for a coffee and a catch up

Wrap up warm today, if you fancy a coffee (I have doughnuts and coissants too), just call in anytime but be warned, you may end up being roped in to help either with the cleaning of the crafty space or making crackers with the girls.  Have a great day

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Lesley said...

Hope you have a lovely afternoon crafting with the grand children best wishes Lesley x