Thursday, December 4, 2014

Peaches and Cream

"ouch" a bit sore this morning and rather tired as I didnt get a very good nights sleep.  The salt mouth wash is cooling, the antibiotics and pain killers are ready, I just have to try and manage a bit of breakfast before I take them.  A salt wash before breakfast just doesnt sound right.  I think I have a bit of bruising on the face and not feeling my best but, I shall try not to let it get me down, the worst is over and there are a lot more folks with worse ailments than what I have.

For day number 3 #MY100HAPPYDAYS I have chosen this.
Did you ever eat tinned peaches and carnation milk when you were younger?  We used to eat it on a Sunday afternoon at our grandparents and I loved it.  It certainly is 'poorly' food and as I cant eat too well at the moment, this was a right treat.  It took me ages to eat it all up but I managed it and it really made me happy.

WEEKLY DEALS Whoop whoop

This is the weekly deal for this week from Stampin' Up!  You may want to pop back tomorrow as I have had a tip off that the clearance rack is going to go mad!!!! That means that lots and lots of items will be added and you could grab yourself a few bargains.  Do get in touch if you would like to order anything and I can tell you how.

I still havent done my Christmas shopping and I still dont have the decorations up, ooopps.  I decided some time ago to do all the Christmas stuff in December so that it doesnt drag out and I think I made the right choice otherwise, Christmas seems to go on forever. The only things that I have done is Christmas cards all year long.  I am working my way through writingthe Christmas cards and Paul is posting them for me.  I am not up to going out with them all at the moment.  But now I have to write them, I dont want to give them away, have you ever felt like that?

 Here is another one that I made and it is all written out, ready to go.

Thank you for having a read today, I do appreciate you popping in.  Have a wonderful day what ever you may be up to.

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