Saturday, December 27, 2014

This is where the magic happens

We had snow

 fortunately it is melting now but it was pretty frightening coming home last night in it.  The roads had not been treated at all and we lost control a couple of times.  We made it safe and sound though phew.  I dont mind looking at the snow but I am not confident in driving on it.  We had been told it was going to arrive but nothing was done to the roads?  I do hope that no one had serious problems in this last night. 

Today is a day at home YEAH.  If you are around Alvaston and fancy a cuppa and a chat, do please call in.  Be prepared to put a pinny on though.  I am going to be doing a few chores, a bit of cleaning and sorting and selling.  The new house just isnt big enough for lots of items so its a clean sweep, yikes.  Paul thinks I am brave.  The first of the items to go is my vibro plate. 

I was using this daily and wow, it really helped with toning and weight loss but I just dont have room at the moment, with all the decorating and moving things from one room to another, to put it up.  So I am selling it for £80 o.n.o.  It is all dismantled and ready to go so if you know of anyone looking for one, just let me know, it works perfectly.

Fingers crossed that Paul will get the hammer and nails out today to put up my little bits and pieces in the crafty space, especially this little one that Paul asked Santa to bring
He didnt manage it yesterday as we planted lots of plants and a Christmas tree that I got for Christmas.

Best get a wiggle on and get started, thank you for having a read and have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.  Be careful in the snow

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