Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some photos on a Thursday

Brrr, it really is extremely cold out there this morning, the wind makes it feel even colder and goes straight through you. Yes I was out there bright and early as we have a couple of chappies here at the moment putting down the base for the garage (Pauls Garage).  So I am on skivvy/tea duty and boy they drink some.

Here is yesterdays progress.

And my photo for yesterday, number 9 in #MY100HAPPYDAYS is this

It was purchased 7 months ago and it got lost during the house move.  Fortunately we had put it in with the Christmas decorations and I think it wonderful.  I got it for Katerina to use when she is here with me, she hates the water that comes out of the tap and I thought this would put a smile on her face.

SU have some lovely project life albums and at £ 8.95 (plus 0.50 p+p for total order), they are a brilliant idea for Christmas Pressents too.

I shall be placing an order at 3pm today and if you would like to order one, two or three of these, please do let me know.  Of course, if there is anything else that you would like, I am happy to order that too, dont forget to check out the weekly deals and 80% OFF Items.  If you click on the links below, it will take you straight to the goodies


I am trying to sort out drawers today, office drawers etc. and a bit of paperwork.  My mind doesnt stay very focussed for too long so we shall see how far I get. 

I do believe that the pen fairy has followed me from our previous home or they have all had baby pens in the drawers?  If you are short of a pen or two, just let me know and I will pass some your way.

Its all change for my daughters again today,  Katerina has flown home to Cyprus to be with her Cypriot family for Christmas - do you remember last Christmas when I had the girls, their friends and the Cypriot students, it was bliss.

Sophia has flown to Thessalonikii for the weekend.  She is taking the opportunity of exploring Greece and the islands whilst she is studying in Greece. (Sophia is the one in the hat)

This is Sophias photo at 6am this morning as she was leaving the airport.

Christiana is having a few problems with her hands these days and I keep calling her to cheer her up.  At least Katerina will be around for her for a while.

This one was taken earlier this year
 With all the girls in Cyprus this year, our calendar  over the festive season is rather blank, boo hoo.

Well thanks for having a read, wear some heavy boots and clothes today so that the wind doesnt blow you away.

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