Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Short and Sweet

YEAH, I did it, phew, goodness.  I cant tell you of the relief.  Things could have and most certainly would have been a lot worse if I didnt go to the dentist and do the dreaded deed.  I am devasted by it all though and I am sure that in time I will get over it as I know, there are a lot worse things that could happen.  I am not smiling just yet as I am in quite a lot of pain but I have been assured that it will get easier each and every day.

For day number 2 in #MY100HAPPYDAYS I have gone for this little set that I made.  I am so pleased with it and when I took the photo, it really made me happy.

It will be a quite day at home today, I hope, resting after the trauma.  I can say that Paul looked after me wonderfully and I was waited on hand and foot, bless him.

I hope you manage to stay warm today, the temperatures are going to be considerably lower brrrr. Thanks for having a read.

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