Thursday, December 18, 2014

Things that go bump in the night

Its really warm outside this morning, makes a lovely change.  TAHDAH, another stunning home made card

Thank you Leah, its lovely.  I have a few my 100 happy days to share with you, as I havent been on the blog for a few days, here is No 15 #MY100HAPPYDAYS
I went for lunch at Patisserie Valerie and my friend Elizabeth walked in so we spent a lovely time catching up.  It was wonderful company and really made my day

No 16#MY100HAPPYDAYS is the beef stew and dumplings that I cooked.

It was very scrummy and made me realise that really, it is the smaller things that make me happy.

No. 17#MY100HAPPYDAYS was these fantastic strawberries which mum and dad gave to me yesterday

It means that I get to have at least another 3 days of breakfast with fresh strawberries.  These are harder to come by now.
I have had a bit of a later start to the day today, I slept in as things went bump in the night.  It was 12.15 and the alarm was going off.  Oh no, I am home alone in my bed and the alarm is making a right racket.  I wake with a start and know that I can not just lie there.  I get up and do you know what, I dont have any weapon at all,nothing that I can take with me to protect me.  Santas list, baseball bat for under the bed.  I got up and went to the alarm box in the hall with my telephone in my hand having already pressed 99.  I keyed in the secret numbers, the house alarm was unarmed yet still, I could here an alarm going off.  Oh no, it must be the shed alarm, the box for this is in the utility room and of course, it was echoing as it is inside the conservatory.  I get the key, check my phone still has 99 on it and open the conservatory door, no.....the shed alarm isnt flashing but still, I can here the alarm.  I lock up, walk down the hall and the noise is coming from the bathroom, I go in, put the light on and in the bath is the radio alarm!!! It had fallen off the wall, hitting the panic button and was upside down in the bath........false alarm.

Do you like these

They are from a new stamp set in the Spring/Summer catalogue, out on 6th Janaury.  I am just waiting for my catalogues to arrive and then I will let everyone know and you can grab your own copy.  There are lots and lots of things in this and I cant wait.  This stamp is called Love is Kindness and at under £8 I think its great value.  There is a sentiment attached to the stamp but I just snipped it off so that I can use it on other projects too.    I do hope to have another little play later today.  I shall be using these as my December/January thank you cards.

There are some new Weekly Deals and here they are

If you would like to order anything DIRECT, you can call in at my on line shop anytime of the day or night or, you can tell me what you would like and I will pop it on the next order, which is due to go in on 28th December *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* to all those stamperettes out there.

Right then, I am off to do some ironing before giving everywhere a quick hoover, hubby is coming home this evening and I cant wait.  Thanks for having a read and have a wonderful day.

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