Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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Good morning from a fairly warm Derby.  I have had a rather busy few days, as you would expect at this time of year.

Here is my No. 19 #MY100HAPPYDAYS, I was so pleased to make these cards for the grandchildren.  The look on their faces when they opened them was amazing, they didnt expect these.  Brilliant to make up and I am really happy with the results

Saturday was lovely catching up with all lots of friends and then another surprise meal out but phew, I really must cut back on food.  I have put on over 4lbs in a few days and it isnt quite Christmas.  Sunday we had the wonderful Pippa with us for the day and boy, she loved it. 

Here she is trying to figure out if that is a bird on the bird table and this is my No. 20 #MY100HAPPYDAYS.  She made us laugh all day.  After a mad morning, chasing Paul in the garden, running around the house at half past 2 she just got in her bed and slept for a couple of hours.

Monday was another busy day, a bit of food shopping, cleaning and sorting.  The plumber was with us most of the day as the heating system in this house hasnt had a service for many years and it needed doing so that it can last us throughout the Winter.  Well that is done and now we have plans to turn the little utility room into a second toilet next Spring once we have a new heating system put in. 

The garden has been tided, the gate and fence around my crafty space all painted and protected and the fairly garden has been started.  The vine has been cut back and its all starting to look a little tidier.

Paul, my hubby, made me a little wreath from some lavender that we have growing outside, in fact we have tons of it.

So this is my No.  21#MY100HAPPYDAYS photo.

Here is another lovely handmade card that I received

Thank you Pam.

Off out first thing this morning for a wonderful day.  Thank you for having a read and have a great day yourself 

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