Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesdays Twitter

It was lovely outside first thing this morning.  I managed to take this photo

I shall be using this picture for my number 8#MY100 HAPPYDAYS for today as it really was breathtaking.

So its Tuesday and I went back to the dentist.  It was just one week ago that I had the top set of my teeth removed and I can say that I am feeling okay.  The pain has been minimal and its been more discomfort rather than actual pain.  I do occasionally get quick sharp burst of pain in one particular place but the dentist said this is normal and will ease and get more infrequent as time goes on.  I am starting to cope with my 'new' teeth which will be with me for at least 6 months as I have been told today that it will be at least this long, before all the swelling goes down and it has healed properly and then....we shall see.

I made some Christmas card that I didnt really like so I cut them up and will use them as tags instead.
The pudding covers came out of their bag yesterday and this is my No 7#MY100HAPPYDAYS

It was a struggle getting the chocolates inside but well worth it.

I am starting to get myself a little organised for next year, to make life even easier than what it is.  Well ahead of myself.

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a smashing day, whatever you are up to.

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