Friday, December 5, 2014

Stampin' Up! Offers

What could be better than to end the week with a sale, everyone is doing it arent they?  Well Stampin' Up! have a great sale on many products and here is the link


If you would like any of the discounted items, I am placing an order at 9am and again this evening.  Just let me know what you would like and I will get it ordered if, it is still available.  Brilliant opportunity to get some 12 x 12 papers at less than £2, or some Christmas stamps (some we used last week when we were crafting).

Today I was up at 4.30 as I couldnt sleep, sore mouth yikes.  But after a cuppa, some painkillers and the antibiotics I am feeling a little better.  Each day I will get better I am sure and I go back to the dentist next Tuesday.

Although I didnt have a brilliant day yesterday, this made me happy for my day 4 #MY100HAPPYDAYS

Totally impractical but it was free and it brought a smile to my face, so it was worth it.

I dont know if I have shared these cards with you so apologies if I have

I think they are lovely and quite a few of us made these last week, some are done with the ink pads and others with the stamp n write markers.  Got a few more cards to share over the next few days and of course, any that I receive will go on the blog too.

Thanks for having a read today.  Do please give me a call or send me an email if there is anything I can help you with crafting related.  Have a wonderful Friday

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