Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last one for 2014

Its my last post for 2014 with the new year just around the corner. 

We are having a busy few days as we have just about finished our bedroom.  We have been painting and glossing, turning up nets and still looking for curtains.  New bedding on the bed, new decoration bits and pieces out etc.  We have discovered that the wooden window sill in so damp, mould growing underneath it that I will have to clean it all down, every other day for a few weeks until it is all clean but never mind, I can do that.  One of the window panes have 'blown' but it will have to stay like this until we replace the windows in the sitting room.  Just got to put up a few more pictures and clean the carpet and it will be done.

Christiana, in Cyprus, has been baking which is so difficult for her.  I am hoping to buy her a mixer to make life a little easier, something like a kenwood on a stand.  At the moment these are 400 euros so she is looking for something else.

No. 29#MY100HAPPYDAYS is this wonderful ornament that I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas.  Thank you so much Ruth, it is stunning and will be going on my tree for many years to come.  I just love this idea.

No. 30#MY100HAPPYDAYS is Paul as he has made me so happy spending hours with me getting the bedroom ready to decorate. 

No. 31#MY100HAPPYDAYS is the feeling I got when this was all finished and ready to go.  It is a birthday card for my neice.

I received another handmade Christmas Card that was hand delivered?? Not too sure how I got it but its lovely.

Fancy a day of Scrapbooking in the Alvaston, Derby area?  Not sure what it is?  Why not come along and see for yourself.  Do you have a scrapbook started and would like to do a few more pages?  Saturday 3rd January 10ish till 4ish come for the morning, for the afternoon or stay for the day.  You will need to bring all your own card, photos etc. with you.  I do have a big shot and lots of dies if you would like to make some additional embellishments.  You dont have to book but please, do get in touch if you need details of the address.  Its just £1 per person for the tea and biscuit kitty.

Thanks for having a read on the last day of this year and I hope you have a wonderful day, what ever you are up to.

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Buffy said...

A wonderful inspiring post. I hope 2015 brings you even more happy inspiring moments
Buffy x