Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gift from the Garden

I am so pleased that it is Saturday and that the weekend is here and the weather forecast is now lovely.  We are supposed to have 24 degrees today, a bit different from what was said earlier this week.

The gardeners *puff* I cant tell you how I felt.  They were half an hour late on Wednesday so I sent them a message "hi, was expecting you earlier, is there are problem or are you delayed"  their reply was "on way now, stuck in traffic", well it must have been a big traffic jam cause they still havent turned up.  I can not recommend M&J gardeners despite all their advertising.  To add insult to injury, I went on to their facebook page later to find that they had blocked me???  So I have been out again for more quotes and am very happy with the replies I have had.  Fingers crossed that this time next week I can give you some positive news on the garden front.

Not a lot happening on the crafting front though.  I have really tried to get into the crafty space to do a bit more card making but it hasnt really happened.  I shall be in there all day today as it is scrapbooking day and I am making my little album.

I have some SU orders arrive WHOOP WHOOP, they are all sorted, in bags/envelopes and ready for collection.  If you fancy a coffee sometime today you are most welcome to call in and collect, failing that I will be in touch on Wednesday next week to arrange dropping off.  Here are the little tags I have made for this months orders.

I have used Gift from the Garden stamp set.  The stamp is 3 little plant pots together and I have inked up just the one stamp with Stamp n Write markers. 

I am off out to grab another 5 wooden panels this morning, hoping to get them painted today and tomorrow too, ready for the new back gate that is going to be put up next week, fingers crossed.  Its all go in this household which means that I will be ready for my holidays.

I thought I would ask if any of my friends want these?  Over 6ft tall gates x about 8 ft wide.  They do need a coat of paint.

They are available on Thursday for collection.  I shall be advertising them tomorrow,  if no one I know could use them.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day

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