Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Midweek Musing

Its rather warm out there today but no sunshine so its a good day to get on with more chores.

Today I am doing something a little different, painting gates and wood.  We will be having another new gate put on the side of the house next week and Paul and I would like a white gate with black fixtures so today I am painting the gate

Of course it has side panels so I have started priming those too.  I guess I will spend a couple of hours each day getting all these bits ready for phase 2 next week.

We have to have some new fencing between us and our neighbour and finish off the new gate area that was started some weeks ago.  This is what was started, note the fence panels on the left hand side going up to the house

 Well these were removed and redirected to go across the main driveway
 This is the view from the other side of the road, lots of green ivy over the fence panel right hand side
 Ivy removed and repositioned fences in along the right hand side and area on the right made ready for the concreting next week
 This is the soil, rubble etc. that we were left with after a week of work being done

 Paul and I soon got rid of it into a skip, making it ready for the next phase
 This is the new border I will be having so that I can plant all my climbing flowers that I brought to this house with me.

The large old gates that will be taken down so that we can see the new gates.  (if you or anyone you know would like these gates, please get in touch).  
Lots of new concrete to be laid too.

 The view of the new gates up at the moment, and the next photos I take should be of the new fence panels along the border between us and the neighbour.
 A better photo of the right hand side.  The little bit of fencing underneath all that ivy, hedge and budlia has to be taken out yikes.
More updates to follow next week.

We have some brand new Weekly Deals from Stampin Up of course

If you would like anything, do please let me know as I will be very happy to place an order for you.

Here is another card that we made at crafty week last week, I took the photo without the sparkles opps

It does have lots of bright shiney gems in the middle of the flowers and down the body of the butterflies.  Unfortunately not everyone made the tag....we ran out of time.  The grass was created with the fringe scissors and I have a couple of extra pairs of these scissor so, if you would like a pair, do let me know.  They are at a reduced price.

Thanks for having a read, I am off to finish the baby cards, plan my classes for the next few months and then it will be tea time.  Fingers crossed that the gardeners turn up today.  Have a lovely afternoon and evening x

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