Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mr. Mous tache

I did quite a bit of pottering yesterday as well as empty another box that has been in the loft for just over a year.  A few bits went for sale on the crafty site, a few tops went for sale on the top site and a few bits went to the tip.  Looking through the box I found so many nighties and pyjamas and I hadnt even missed them, how terrible is that.  Well I have to be a bit selective as my nightware drawer is just 1/4 of what it used to be, guess I will be trying my nighties on tonight.

Tum is feeling quite a bit better today but not 100% perfect just yet but a girl can only eat so many tea and toast breakfast and lunches followed by chicken and rice dinners..... maybe tomorrow I will have something else.
How do you like mr. mous tache.  isnt he wonderful.  Found him on pintrest so us all crafty ladies  had a go this week on making him.  There is another version, which i shall share later in the week.

Window saga update - David came to visit.  It turns out that David is the same chappy that came round on Wednesday to chisel out some of the plastic to stop the rain from spilling into the conservatory.  I didnt have faith in him then and I dont now.  He wanted to put two thin plastic strips over the holes *gulp*.  I very calmly said, urmmm, I dont think that will look quite right really, do you.  He said no but what else can I do.  Boss should come out to see this to which I replied boss had been out. ohh, well what am I supposed to do says David.  In the end, he is coming back next week with some putty to fill the holes.  He did ask me what colour white was the plastic on the conservatory as there are lots of different shades.  He cant tell me when he is coming back but he said he will.  In the meantime, I may call trading standards as has been suggested to see what I can do.

Today I wont be doing a lot, more pottering and a bit of a tidy, I think that will do for a Saturday.  Thanks for having a read and I hope that you have a wonderful day. x

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