Sunday, August 9, 2015

Made by Denise

If you go to bed early, you get up early so here I am, 5.30am having the first cuppa of the day.  Weather, high of 22 in Derby, just lovely for me but I know that not everyone likes it that hot.

Yesterday was spent in some wonderful company, crafting away.  I am really pleased that I not only finished the outside of my album, I did the spine too (and I now understand it), I managed to put the pages in and started to decorate them, whit whoo, get me.  I am so proud that I could do all this.  I now have all week to get the rest of the pages decorated so that I can have a mamouth photo printing session next Sunday.  Guess what everyone in the family is going to get for Christmas this year, small versions of my album lol.

Some time ago Denise told us all about the quilt that she had been making for a couple of years (yes that;s right).  I am really pleased to say that Denise took the quilt off her spare bed for us to see. Each Square was stitched individually.

Then the squares were all put on the white material to make up the base of the quilt.
 It then had the wadding and this wonderful dragonfly stitch put on the back with multicoloured thread and you can also see this on the front, making it look stunning.
 Of course, it had it be finished off with a little bit of cross stitch
 And here is Denise with her stunning creation.  I can image that this will be in the family for many many years to come and I am so pleased that I got chance to see it.

Isnt is amazing, more than 3 years in the making of it to completion but wow.  I told her I would put it on the blog for us all to have a look.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday ohh, before I go, I am putting in a cheeky little Stampin' Up! order later today so if there is anything that you would like, just let me know.
Tracey x

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, in my case it's go to bed late, get up early, too painful to stay in bed long!!!
Never mind, we get by don't we LOL.
You are such a busy lady, I don't know how you have time to go to work.
Lovely quilt, my daughter does quilting, so I understand why they take so long to make :o)
Jackie xx