Thursday, August 20, 2015

Showery today

It is forecast to be very showery today which is good for the plants but not so good for me and Paul as we want to continue painting fences and cleaning outside.  Fingers crossed that it picks up tomorrow because it's Friday and guess who is supposed to be coming round.  The gardener.  I will let you know if he appears.

Even though it was drizzling last night, we set a fire in the new incinerating dustbin that I purchased for Paul.  We then burnt all the trimmings from the last month and the shambles is clear again, for a while.  We also managed to burn some of the wood from the gate change over but there is still a lot of concrete and rubble to be shifted.  Not too sure how we are going to get rid of that unless it is endless trips to the tip.

As planned, I spent a couple of hours in the craft room getting it all sorted out for next week but I got distracted.

I cant leave this Garden in Bloom stamp set alone but never mind, I can finish cleaning  the craft room when I get home later today.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to stay dry today.  Tracey x

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