Monday, August 31, 2015

Wash Out Bank Holiday

The last day of August and what a wash out, especially as it is Bank Holiday.  Well I was at work as we dont get this holiday (yes we get lots of others instead).  Work passed in a whizz, I was very busy and it was very quiet so the morning soon went.

Once I got home it was phone call after phone call, I was a popular busy bee.  Next it will be time to have a little chicken and rice....again.  Well tum feels a lot better but I am not too sure about eating different food at the moment so I shall stick with the chicken and then, I am in craft room for an hour or two.  I didnt get to clean it all and I do have a few projects to start/finish including the birthday card box.

This is one of the cards to go into the box, now that it has an insert.

Tomorrow is the launch of the Winter Mini Catalogue.  If you havent got one of these and would like one, please do let me know.  You are most welcome to call in tomorrow evening to collect yours if you wish as I will be in crafty space from around 5.30 ish on a mission to get some pages complete in the projects I am working on.  Kettle will be on and I look forward to seeing you.

Yesterday I managed to do a lot more gardening, dead heading, had the hoe out and cut a few plants.  I felt a lot better after all that fresh air, so much so that I came in and went to sleep on the sofa for an hour, opps.

Well thanks for having a read, if you do want to any help with regards to Stampin' Up! please do get in touch.  I am always happy to help if I can.  Tracey x

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