Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursdays All Sorts

After a busy few days, here I am, at home with a very upset tum.  I started to feel unwell on Tuesday but carried on, as you do but having been up most of the night and having wobbly legs today I decided to stay home and stick to tea and toast.

Apart from feeling 'off it' I have had lots of fresh air in the garden doing light duties, deadheading, a little weeding and at last, the last of the fence panels on the front have been painted.  I now have all the back to do, bit by bit over the next 3 weeks but these are to be stained, rather than painted, ready for the winter.

We have been having a few hiccups with rain water coming into the concervatory from the windows.  I called out Cloudy 2 Clear to have a look at them and they suspected 'blocked drains' which sounded about right.  So I got a quote, along with a replacement window and they came round Tuesday afternoon.  Two very nice lads took all the pains out, drilled larger holes and told me that would sort it.  Well there was hell of a lot of dust and dirt in there but they didnt seem bothered about cleaning that out, they just drilled the holes?? 

 After the downpour in the early hours of Wednesday, up I got to a wet concervatory so I called them back.  Another chappie came out, said the holes were not too good because water was backing up in another area, so he proceeded to chisel out two bits of plastic and said that would sort it. 
Again, he wasnt bothered about all the dirt and debris, even despite me asking if that would cause a problem when mixed with water!!  He said no so off he went.  Paul came home, I told him what had happened and we went to inspect the outside where there are supposed to be little drains.   OMG we discovered drill holes all around the conservatory where the two young chappies had drilled on Tuesday but, some of them have actually come all the way through the window sill and others into the frame.

I rang the company last night....they will call me back.  I didnt hear anything so I rang again today, another complaint and hoping someone will call me back.  So, watch this space.

On the crafting front, I have sorted out 3 large boxes of images that I stamped over the years, so a good job done there.  As soon as I feel up to it, I shall be putting inserts in the 20 or so cards that are prepared, ready for the selling box, including this one that I did some time ago.

This weeks Weekly Deals are

The next order will be going in on Sunday tea time so if there is anything that you would like me to add, please do get in touch.

Off for a bit more tea and toast, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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