Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smashing Saturday

Saturday all day YIPEE.  The weather is cloudy until around lunch time and then the sun is breaking through for a few hours.  At the moment it is thunder storms around 6pm but thats fine by me.

We have a hedge to cut this morning.  If you havent already guessed, the gardeners didnt turn up.  I am really disappointed about this as I really do need help with the garden.  Whilst Paul is here its great, between us we get lots done but when he isnt, it is a struggle to keep on top of it, as well as everything else.  So, I went through rated people dot com and gardeners dont appear.  I get not one but three people say they are coming round to quote, two came round.  Never got a quote.  Then I find a reliable firm, 2 chappies, not a bad price and he wants to come and have a look, he is 45 minutes late but did turn up to quote.  Then on the arranged date to start work I get a message, he is not coming but rearranges and then never showed up for the job.  I got recommended a good gardener, he came to quote and didnt show up last week but it was raining heavily so waited this week and nothing. When do people decide that they are not doing the job and why dont they let you know.    Moan over.

Yesterday Paul and I spent the afternoon backwards and forwards to the tip, got rid of lots of bits from the new gate work that was left,  cleaned all the new concrete path and did a lot of painting of the white gate.  Today we have to gloss the white gate and clean the walls and windows where the concrete / cement got splated!! one job done 5 new jobs created but its all a step in the right direction.  I will take some photos for you later today to share tomorrow.

Speaking of photos

I know, its another card with Garden in Bloom stamp set.  Now if I dont get in the craft room to clean it today, next week classes will have to be held outside.  Everytime I go to clean, I see this stamp set and sit down to make a card lol.  Fancy a card making class next Thursday afternoon at 1.30?  Do get in touch if you would like to come along

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a smashing Saturday, I know I will. x

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Lesley said...

Some lovely cards posted - hope you got all your little jobs done x