Friday, August 28, 2015

Window Saga

Up early because the tv came on at 5am? I have no idea why so I guess that is how the rest of my day is going to progress, should be different.  Still got an upset tum so going to stay home.

The window manager came out yesterday.  He came in, had a look at the holes, opened his mouth wide in suprise,  had a walk around to see the other damage and said "they were heavy handed with the drill".  Again I asked about all the muck and dust inside the window frames and wouldnt it get the drain holes all blocked up when water got inside and his reply, "shouldnt do".  After another wander round he said "okay I will get David to sort it.  I will pull him off another job and make time for David to sort it".  I asked who is David and what will he do. "David is the one to sort it" and with that, he turned round and walked out the house!!!! in between I mentioned, reputation, disappointment, mess left outside so now...I await David.

Unfortunately Paul came home just before lunch yesterday, packed his case and drove down the M5 for about 10 days, which is sad.  He has shown me how to use canvas 8 so I will be printing off photos for the new little books I have made, which is exciting.

Here is a card that I have finished off and put in my for sale box

It is one that was made a few months ago but needed to be put together, which I have done.

I have sorted out some 12 x 12 papers and they are for sale in crafty space.  If you fancy popping in over the weekend or next week, please do. If you would like directions on how to get to me, please get in touch.

Off to potter, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day, whatever you are up to x

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Jackie said...

Lovely cards Tracey.
I would be calling Trading Standards in to have a look at thos windows!

Jackie xx