Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning and what a lovely one it is.  I have already been out and about and its quite warm out there.  The forecast is for rain which is a shame, lets hope they got it wrong.

Yesterday was a very busy morning at work and then it was out and about and boy, did I feel much better for it.  I went and had toes polished (or dressed as I call it), a little bit of a french polish so need to show them off a bit, then it was into Marks.   A lovely lady came up to me and gave me a voucher for 20% off my purchases, how nice was that!! I got myself a skirt for my hols and then it was a nip out for a coffee.  Well we sat there for over 3 hours putting the world to rights. 

I managed to get my waste paper basket for the spare room (all ready for the computer going in there once shelves are up).
 Then it was home (didnt make costco).  By the time I walked in it was half past 6, what a dirty stop out I was *giggling*.

Left all the bags in the hall, spoke to daughters and then it was back to baby cards. 

I think I need to add a little blue / pink ribbon to the cards as they are a little too plain.  4 more to do throughout the day.

Today, as its Tuesday at Traceys, you may walk into the craft room with the table full of baby bits, ooops, but you know what its like.  I do hope to see some of you lovely ladies this afternoon.

No flying ants last night so I hope that is that for this year. 

Best get a wiggle on and get myself sorted for work, have a great day and thanks for having a ready.

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