Friday, January 10, 2014

Flying Hedgehogs

That Friday feeling is here and phew, what a tough week.  I am still running about 2 hours behind everything but hopefully, after the weekend, I can catch up.  I am feeling very calm and not stressed at all, taking it all in my stride.

After my morning at work today I am off to accountants and then its home to get ready for this evening.  I cant wait to get started on my 2014 Christmas cards and for those that may think it is a little mad, that is okay.  I shall be happy doing something and if I am happy, shouldnt you be happy for me?  moving on

As promised, here is Millies birthday card that I made

I made this one too but its from Christiana, Sophia and Katerina.

While the girls were here over Christmas, they wrote all the birthday cards for the year, brilliant.

I have a lot planned for the weekend and fingers crossed we can fit it all in.  I am not sure how long Paul will be in Derby for so I want to make the most of the time with him, whilst I can.

I have now decided that Sunday will be a day off from it all, whether I go out for the day, have a pj day or whatever, I shall not use my computer on Sundays...we shall see how long that lasts.

Not long until my open house, I shall keep reminding you as I really am hoping for lots and lots of visitors throughout the day for a cuppa, some cake and a chat about crafting and SU.  My whole day is devoted to everyone who walks through the door.  I know I will have tea, coffee and the cappuchino machine will be on too so please, do pop in to see what samples there are, look through the books, see if anything catches your eye on the sale table and, if you want to stay for the day to help out, put your hands up and come for breakfast too.

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Sue said...

I'm trying to blog again and starting by going through a few I used to visit. Must say I love your little hedgehogs with the balloons, so cute. Sue x