Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Gail

Yesterday was my sis in laws birthday and here is the card I made for her.  If anyone reading this knows what the stamp is, please do let me know as I need a few more of these cards, for my box.
So as promised, yesterday I did not go on the computer.  I did pop into facebook to see if my daughters were there and I think that was about it.  Goodness how much time do I spend here?  I shall be doing the same thing next Sunday. 

Paul and I caught up with a few chores, went out for lunch and did a little visiting in the afternoon.  I actually sat down and watched Sherlock as well.  A lovely day.

Monday morning and here we go again.  This week is another quite relaxed week for me, Wednesday is fat club, oh and Tuesday is scrap book night and I am having an afternoon out with bestie but apart from that I get to craft every afternoon this week.  Very lucky.

I did a couple of months worth of accounts yesterday and I am surprised at how much better I feel, being on top of things.

Here is another bag that I have made using the new papers that are available to buy in the UK in just another 15 days. 
And just look at that peg.  
SU have mini pegs in silver and gold and they are wonderful.  I just cant get over how lovely they are and I would love you to see them so if you fancy a coffee on 25th, please do nip in to my Open Day and see these pegs, as well as other things, in the flesh.

I had best get my skates on now as I will be late for works, opps.  Have a great day

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