Saturday, January 11, 2014

My weekend

I am up early today and I think I have caught up with myself (without meeting myself coming back). This is a strange saying that we heard a few years ago with a nurse in hospital when Christiana was having treatment. 

Last night was wonderful.  There were 12 of us who met up for the first time at St. Edmunds Church for our first Christmas Card and Chatter Club.  The room was airy, cosy, welcoming and extremely clean.  A bit chilly to start with but as most of us had layers on, it was warm enough.  Lots of new faces and everyone said they had a great night and would be back on 14th February for our next get together, unless they get better offers.

At £1.50 for the whole evening it was well worth it and there was lots of chatter going on too.  I cant show you the Christmas cards yet as mine need a few finishes touches but I will photograph them as soon as they are done.  I dont intend sticking them all together until November but they will stay in their envelopes all ready to be assembled.

I showed everyone how to create a reflection similar to this using SU colours and the stamp a ma jig

For today, once the chores are done I think I get to play in the craft room as I have lots of new bits to play with.  Lots of new goodies to get ready for my open house, on 25th January and YOU are invited.

Today I decided that it is some of the little things that make each day a bit nicer such as my fountain pen.  I haven't used it for ages but now that it is back up and running again, I love writing things down.  Perfume, I have so many perfumes and dont wear them often enough so I shall give myself a quick spray each morning, even when I am home having a pj day.   A very quick facebook message with my sister each morning starts the day off a treat.  What makes your day a little special?

Thanks for having a read and please stay warm, it really is bitterly cold out there.

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Lesley said...

super night have a great weekend - best wishes Lesley x