Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Midweek Musing

A rather late posting from me but better late than never.  I cant believe how busy I have suddenly become.  I am just having a cuppa whilst I type this, multi tasking huh.

I dont get much of a break at work during the 4 hours I am there but getting up early is awful.  When I am not at work I can get up before the larks but once I know I am going to the big office on Raynesway I just dont want to get out of bed.  By the time I am up, showered and dressed, I am late for work and I still have to have a cuppa and breakfast and then that, is the pattern for the day.  I am sure I will get into a routine soon enough.  I havent had time to answer my emails, return phone calls or do any cleaning at all.  Lots of time for coffee and chatting yesterday though so I best not complain too much.

I got a soup maker for Christmas WHOOP WHOOP, who was lucky.  Here is my first batch of soup that we made with it in 25 minutes, Leek and Potato.  When it is heated through I add petite pois peas  and wow, its lovely.
Its also good for the diet, quick and easy when I get in from work and not too much mess, which is a good job as I dont have much time to clean at the moment either.

Speaking of Christmas, I got two wonderful plants in pots and here they are, all ready and raring to go,

they get watered twice a week, I shall keep you up to date on their progress.

for todays TAH DAH I have a bag to show you with some new papers

And of course, it is on my tree, which is a tree of all seasons.  This season it is the Sale a Bration and Spring-Summer Mini Tree and this bag is the first item to go on.

If I get time, there will be more things added to it, all ready for my open house on 25th January.  If you fancy a cuppa, a chat, a free make and take and are local to Derby, why not call in.  If you dont have my address, just let me know.

The boiler is playing up again, typical as Paul is going away again soon.  Fingers crossed that it behaves itself for another few weeks and keep me warm.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening.

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