Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday morning again

Congratulations Sue.  She rang me yesterday to let me know that she has the winning raffle ticket so we shall have a get together later today over coffee of course.

Well yesterday I walked up and down my stairs at home so many times, putting things away.  I still havent done it all though, hopefully by the end of today it will be just about there.

Lots of bringing down the stairs to do tonight for the ladies arriving tomorrow night.  I have another full house as we shall craft the evening away.

I can show you this card now.  It has been made quite a while but I didnt get to deliver it until Saturday.   Sally and Matt got engaged and this is the card that I made for them.

I have another few cards to share with you tomorrow as my aunt and uncle have birthdays this week, now did I put them in the post? I must check that later.

Early on Saturday morning I got up and went for a walk, a bit of fresh air and to clear my head before my wonderful visitors arrived.  When I went out of the front door, my acer looked as though it had diamonds all over it.  I whipped out the camera to take a photo.  What it was are little droplets of water.  it look stunning and I am sorry that I could capture the magic with the photograph but I thought I would share it with you anyway.
Thats it for now, must get myself off to work, on time today. Opps I wonder if I need to defrost the car.  Have a great day x

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